Terms of Payment

Basically we're not in this to make a profit, just to break even if we can. We're techies who really don't want to be bothered chasing people for payment - we'd rather put our energy into providing better services (and we still have day jobs to keep). So we're happiest if you send us a big dob of money in advance, and we're willing to make it worth your while to do so.

We compute our charges on an annual, pay-in-advance basis.

If you want to pay monthly by account then be aware that there is a substantial surcharge for this facility: divide our annual rate by 5 to get our corresponding monthly rate. In other words, multiply by 2.4 for the whole year. We do not recommend this option unless you are intending to take service for only a few months.

Paying monthly in advance still attracts a surcharge, but only 20% compared with paying in advance for a whole year: divide our annual rate by 10 to get our corresponding monthly rate.

Unless you've negotiated otherwise, the minimum invoice is $120; this amount is then applied for as many months as it will cover at the specified monthly-in-advance rates, and you will not receive another invoice until your account again goes into debit.

Charges are for provision of services, not for domains, and not for use of services. That means that you can swap domains and we don't care, but you still owe us money whether you use the services or not. See our price list for details.

If any account is not paid in full by its due date (21 days from transmission of the invoice) then your account will be considered "overdue", and the related services may be suspended without further notice.

Suspension for non-payment is automatic but with a random grace period, so just because you get away with paying us two months late on one occasion doesn't mean our automated system won't suspend service for being two days late another time. If you're going to have trouble paying, contact us and we'll negotiate a mutually agreeable arrangement.

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Last updated on 10-Jan-2012 by Martin