Please read our terms of payment before signing up.

We're not in this to make a profit, just to support our own activities and to break even if we can. If you can find a better deal elsewhere, or if you aren't in it for the money, then we're willing to negotiate.

Basically we're happiest if you send us a big dob of money in advance, and we're willing to make it worth your while to do so. We compute our charges on an annual, pay-in-advance basis; if you want to pay month by month then divide these rates by five to get the monthly amount. In other words, if you take the latter option, you will pay more than double in the long run.

Service Standard Description
Annual Monthly
Minimum Invoice $120 If we have to send you a demand for payment, then you must pay at least this amount; any amount above the cost of current services can be credited to future services but is not refundable.
This minimum does not apply if you pay before we generate the invoice (at least 3 working days after your order is accepted) so only the actual cost of current services needs to be paid.
Core Service
$240 $48 Each account must have a core service kit; this includes your administrative login and your first standard domain kit.
Standard domain kit $120 $24 The standard domain kit is for second and subsequent domains on an account which already has the core service provisioned.

It comprises one login and its associated facilities, one DNS delegation for a domain, primary MX for that domain, and web hosting for that domain.

This is a 25% discount off the combination of individual services, although in some cases you may find it more economical to order them separately.

Extra login $80 $16

A login provides access to upload and modify all resources on an account.

Each login includes a mailbox and a personal web page.

Mailboxes and personal web pages come paired; the same charge applies regardless of whether one or both parts are used.

Extra mailbox and/or personal web page $40 $8
DNS delegation $40 $8 This is the charge to accept delegation from the parent registry; it does not include any charges that may be levied by that parent registry.
Subdomain $20 $4
Secondary DNS $20 $4
Primary MX $40 $8 In most cases "DNS delegation" is a prerequisite to these options, so we would advise taking the "standard domain kit" instead. However we will be glad to explain these options if you think they would be more appropriate to your needs.
Folded-domain MX $20 $4
Secondary MX $20 $4
Hosted web site $40 $8
Proxy web site $20 $4
Extra storage (P.o.A.)  
Extra traffic (at cost)  

At minimum you will need the core service kit, unless you're piggy-backing on someone's account (in which case they will want an "extra login" option) If you're running more than one domain, then the second and subsequent ones will probably want the "hosted web site" option, but you can select individual services if you wish.

These rates are based on the services you have asked us to provide, not on the domains you have registered. So if you cancel one domain and replace it with another, the services continue and there is no additional charge.

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