Negotiated Pricing

Our standard prices assume that you are making a profit from your web pages. If that is not the case then we're willing to negotiate.

Running a web-server business is one of those enterprises that involves high fixed costs and low marginal costs, so we're willing to negotiate rates if what you're doing isn't commercial. If you're a good enough cause we might even give you a freeby, as with the NZ Science Fiction Index.

The thing we're most likely to give a concession on is the minimum costs (the minimum invoice amount and core service charges); if you're adding services, then we're going to look hard at what you're doing.

But we're not a charity fount, so if you're making money (net profit or not) from your online activities then we expect to get a reasonable contribution towards our fixed costs, not just coverage of the marginal costs.

Whether we give you a special negotiated rate or not, you will still be subject to our standard terms of payment.

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Last updated on 10-Jan-2012 by Martin